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Why Our Most Popular Packages Include TWO DJs

As a boutique of experienced DJs, we have spent lots of time discussing what we have seen others do well and what could be improved in our industry. While we have learned loads from executing a broad range of weddings across the country, we have perhaps learned even more by being guests. Yes, even wedding DJs attend a wedding every once in awhile.

In one of our team huddles we had an enlightening exchange when one of our DJs said "I just hate empty booths". This is a feeling we've all experienced while attending a wedding: you're not quite sure what's happening or what you should be doing, and you look over to the DJ booth and realize there's no one there. The first dance was supposed to start 15 minutes ago, do I have time to grab a drink? Run to the restroom? What am I going to miss? As a team of DJs, this hit home. We all recounted moments we were pulled away from the booth to deal with something at an event hoping that our gear would be safe, no one would need us, or if they did, that it wasn't urgent.

We wanted to do things a different way.

Our Harmony and Symphony packages come with two Award Winning DJs to guarantee No More Empty Booths and make your event, from walking down the aisle to the send-off, flawless. It allows us to have extra capacity to stray from our booth to check in on the timeline, make sure photographers are ready to move on for the first dance, track down parents for after the first dance, and so much more, all without abandoning our post. After seeing how often Photographers, Coordinators, and other vendors bring a second it seemed like an obvious move for us to do the same. This approach ensures we have the bandwidth to handle all the needs, all of the time, at your event. We're not afraid to do things differently at Harmony because we believe in doing them right.


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