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Setting Your Wedding Timeline to Keep Your Guests Engaged

Momentum is key at wedding receptions. At Harmony, all of our DJs are also emcees, prepared to be engaging and communicative hosts. Having signage at the event with the timeline is one way to help, but having your DJ gather attention and announce when moving on can keep guests on the same page so that nobody misses a moment.

Photo Credit: Janine Leigh Photography

The flow of the evening is incredibly important - it is your day and while you are the experts on your guests (you know them best, after all!), we wanted to share some insights. Here is a sample timeline that can serve as a starting point as you begin to fill in the blanks and adjust for your unique wedding. By no means do you have to stay tied to this, but we have found this is one of the orders of events that can help the day go smoothest and keep the momentum on point.


Sample Timeline

4:30 Guest Arrival

5:00 Ceremony

5:30 Cocktail hour Begins

6:30 Invite Guests to Seat

6:45 Grand Entrance

6:55 Welcome & Blessing

7:00 Dinner

7:45 Toasts (or when the last table has been served!)

8:15 Cake Cutting

8:30 First Dance

8:35 Parent Dances

8:45 Dance Floor Kick-off

9:30 Bouquet/Garter Toss/Other Traditions

11:45 Last Song

12:00 Exit


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